What is keywords niche of your blog?

@aerous (13457)
August 2, 2009 4:55am CST
As we make surf and surf from the Internet. I counter words that is very interesting, where someone else have blog must know. I have seen some ebooks sell form the internet or offer from the internet, through email and paid-to-click websites. This is called "niche". Please correct me if my spelling is wrong... I hope many are reacted from this discussion. I want to know what niche do you use in your blog? is that really a profitable niche? If I am wrong about niche and keywords I use here...please correct me. We accept all your views and share with me what's the best keywords do you use...? Happy mylotting...!!! [url=http://tribu4u.blogspot.com]Tribal Information Links[/url] [url=http://kabunyan.blogspot.com]Websites Watch List[/url]
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@PeacefulWmn9 (10422)
• United States
13 Aug 09
Hi Aerous. My niche keywords are: buiding a positive life, happiness, how to be positive, motivation, inspiration. I read just today that all blogs can be helped by using key "phrases" now as well as just one word keywords. The same article said it is important for the niche to which the blog belongs be mirrored in each post title, as well as, off and on through the post...not to an excess that would make it read oddly, but so that everything is co-ordinated to get your blog in the search engines, etc. You have a good phrase with websites watch list, and with Tribal Information Links....is this blog about a specific group of people? Or all groups in general? Happy blogging to you... Karen
• United States
14 Aug 09
My friend, your blogs, both of them, provide a valuable service to many, and I applaud your hard work to make the information available across the vast internet. I do feel blessed to live in America. Scams effect us all, of course, but there is also access to good work-at-home sites, too...as you pointed out. May your good work and your whole life be blessed. Karen
@aerous (13457)
• Philippines
21 Aug 09
Hello karen, I'm so thankful that I found a great person from you. Your great and I appreciate that much my friend. Yup! You so blessed enough to live in America, not like ours Filipino a destitute country that were being live. Even do were live in a country like Philippines, I am proud to say it is a beautiful country in the world. I do hope that I may success both of my blog my friend. I will work hard to those two blog to promote it in anyways. I'm just a newbie on that career but I learn fast about doing it right to promote and get more impression or traffic. How about you karen, what is your effort promoting your sites? If any will you please share with me a little. You know I love to learn that is why I appreciate all suggestion and other concepts to improve my skills and knowledge. have a great day!
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• United States
28 Aug 09
Ack! That is sad you do not remember what you did that made that blog rank so high! So many things we attend to working online it is easy to forget some of them. Perhaps you will remember or come across the answer soon. Have a great day, my friend. Karen
@lampar (7591)
• United States
25 Aug 09
My keyword niches in blog are "truth", "accurate", "knowledge", "helpful", "valuable" and "latest" . Those are niches i try to incorporate into my blog whenever i do my posting of new article in my blog. Happy mylotting ! Pal.
@sarojInc (570)
• India
2 Aug 09
Hi pal happy friendship day! you are absolutely right.there are niche and keywords .Basically the kind of research I do on niche and keyword selection is what directly result in increased earnings. For more details on profitable keywords and niches go to www.spyfoo.com If you want to know how to search profitable niches and correct set of keywords you can visit www.newsnreviews.co.cc .there on the right side you will find the right information. happy mylotting
@aerous (13457)
• Philippines
3 Aug 09
Hello pal, Before I proceed to climax of this discussion I'd like to thanks for your participation. Now, my friend please accept my sincere appreciation about your share to this discussion. Your share is really great help for many bloggers if they read it. happry mylotting my friend...please accept me as friends here...have a great day!