She was on the right side of history

@tryxiness (4548)
August 2, 2009 5:12am CST
"God knows, we have made mistakes. I hope that history will judge me favorably because, as God is my witness, I honestly did the best I could." - Corazon Aquino She was indeed on the right side of history (quoting President Obama). I remember that in one of my discussions with Professor Carino (of NCPAG who also passed this year - June 12), that the 1986 People Power was something not replicable. Everything then was filled with values such as simplicity and humility. Values that were instilled by the peaceful revolution lead by President Aquino. These values were now covered with values of corruption in the so many offices of the government - which is sad because the former values were not sustained. I wonder who will be the next one to be on the right history - who will have moral ascendancy over us all? I wonder if her death would give us more the need to stand on the values that should have been instilled into our government's culture.
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@Miloque (130)
• Philippines
4 Aug 09
Quite true. She is phenomenal. But don't forget she wasn't seen walking in front of a rampaging tank during the first two days of EDSA. Besides, why not also credit Enrile and Ramos for occupying the two camps from one end of EDsa to another. And oh, yeah, for Cardinal Sin who's safe in Radio Veritas in inviting a lot of innocent civilians to face the entire armed forces of Ver. Miracle indeed.
@aseretdd (13736)
• Philippines
3 Aug 09
A widow turned hero then President of the Philippines... she is indeed on the right side of history... i was very young like in grade school when Cory Aquino came into prominence... but i remember clearly how she ignited the hearts of the Filipino people to come together peacefully and overthrow the Marcos government... not that many people can do such a thing... and that Edsa Revolution is something that is quite difficult to duplicate since it will take someone like Cory Aquino to lead a whole nation... She will always be remembered in a good way... not for her faults... but for all the good things that she has done...
@jlamela (4906)
• Philippines
3 Aug 09
The late President, Cory Aquino, was truly a remarkable human being. Her deep faith in God, humility and devotion to her family, made her unforgettable. She was Philippine's icon of democracy worthy to be remembered always. Edsa I, in my own opinion, is the only authentic and honest raising of power that happened in the country, the succeeding revolt, rebellion or whatever we may call that, are all fallacy and pretension, nothing more. No honest intention anymore or purpose. Edsa I served as an act of liberation from bondage and President Aquino was the instrumental. May she rest in peace.