What do you think about pregnancy before marriage?

August 2, 2009 11:52am CST
Nowadays, a lot of people get pregnant first. So marriage after that becomes mandatory.
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@OceanLady (136)
• Canada
2 Aug 09
Havint kids does not make marriage mandatory. Yes, a lot of people are getting pregnant before they're ready to commit these days... but that doesn't mean they should rush into marriage. It's not good for their relationship with their partners, which will end up not being good for their kids. I got pregnant before getting married... but I got engaged before getting pregnant, so it's not quite the same situation. Still, we didn't see any reason to rush the marriage, and if we hadn't already been engaged it wouldn't have made us feel like we had to get married. I have seen many couples who got married just because they got pregnant, and they didn't end up being happy... In my opinion, they should have waited, regardless of whether they were having a child or not. It's better to take your time with things like marriage - and if the father of your child isn't your soul mate, that's fine, you can still be friends and stay involved in each other's lives and the life of your child. It's better for a kid to have separated parents who still get along than to have a house full of constant fighting, which might happen if you rush things.
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@Hatley (164214)
• Garden Grove, California
15 Aug 09
hi what do I think about pregnancy before marriage? no I think those people have got the cart before the horse. get married first then have children that way they will 'not be born out of wedlock and will have a name. I am old fashioned and hate this living together crap where a woman has five kids with five different fathers. If you really love a woman marry her dont try to have your cake and eat it to,if you want multiple women go where polgygamy is accepted. otherwise marry her or forget it.
• Philippines
3 Aug 09
In my place, there has been a joke that priests won't allow you to be married if the woman is not yet pregnant as it has been a normal view these days. Well, it's their choice so we have to accept. I believe that no one can say that anyone is immoral to get married when pregnant. The thing is, I truly believe that getting married just because the girl is pregnant is not a must. Getting married needs a lot of thinking, and being a good parent does not mean you're married. Thanks!
@erikmama (12929)
• United States
2 Aug 09
I have 2 sons and am not married. My oldest I had when I was 18, so...I dont think God makes mistakes, so the kids are meant to be. However I do think it is important for a child to have 2 parents. Even in marriage nothing is guaranteed to be forever.