family mystery

August 2, 2009 9:34pm CST
hi there anyone a member of a geneology site or something like that? im trying to find out about my husbands father its a real mystery. i have looked everywhere i can but being on a disability pension i dont have money to pay for site memberships. i have a copy of death certificate, (does not have his dob on? yes mysterious) marriage certificate, (wow what a surprise no date of birth again) and a ava number which apparently is a merchant marine number, (yes ive looked up and tried to trace through that but whoa dead end again.) apparently when he used to get drunk (surprise surprise he was alcoholic lol) he used to say to his family "ha ha you dont even know who i am i took someone elses id tags and my real name is arthur frederick serena haha." apparently he used to work in the bottom of the ships where they used to keep the dead soldiers so who knows, he claimed to have jumped ship but on his death cert it says he was born in queensland australia (in perth west australia 1949 they obviously didnt need proof of birth etc which is when he married). i looked everywhere but unfortunately i hit dead ends without paying for membership to geneology sites. i looked up for any proof of his father and mother that is on his death cert but yes again brick wall. my partner is 50 and has many brothers and sisters that are slowly dropping off their perches, and his mother is not far away. i know it would mean alot to them if they can get an answer to this mystery before they depart this world. if you can help pm me and ill send the info through to you that i have. thankyou for your help.
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• United States
12 Aug 09
Have you tried seeking military records? I don't know what the rules are in your country to getting access. Also I found this site which is similar to one for the USA... if it's simiilar to the one I use you can put a post on there and you never know who'll answer or how many years down the road. Have you looked thru military? or court records? My FIL had a similar mystery, his dad went by a few different alias first names. His brother was even named after his father but that name was not correct either. My hubby was partly named after his grandfather as they thought George was part of his name & it isn't at all! He went by George, Gordon, & Mike. So perhaps your hubby or a sibling has his real first name & don't know it? That's a toughie. & there's no relations of your father-in-law even alive to question either?
• Australia
14 Aug 09
no none knows anything. i tried searching militaru records but no hope and us site i dont think will be any good i really need australia and britain i think. thankyou all
6 Aug 09
Yes, I am a member of and it only costs me $2.95 a month so its not expensive and unlike all the other sites I have been on, you get unlimited search AND, if you can't find what you want. they will either find if ror you or give you your money back. How helpful is that?
• Australia
14 Aug 09
thankyou but like i said to the responder after you i dont think U S sites will help i need to get into records for australia and britain i think. thankyou for taking the time to respond