what is your favorite character in anime naruto

August 3, 2009 1:59am CST
i like naruto begin in anime, manga, wallpaper, video. i updated information about. i have site about anime naruto tailedfox.com, manga onemanga.com/naruto. what is favorite character in naruto.
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@chuanton (15)
• Thailand
3 Aug 09
Hi...my favorite character in naruto is kakashi...a copy ninja. I think he's cool somehow. an eyepatch with grey hair...furthermore he can use any ninja techniques used by the opponent. he's also the one who teach sasuke his ultimate move.the "thunder bird" or something....lol. Happy mylotting...!
• Indonesia
3 Aug 09
my favorite character in naruto is naruto, sasuke. why naruto because don't like surrender type work harder . sasuke is cool , calm.
@chiwasaki (4661)
• Philippines
23 Aug 11
My favorite character in Naruto is Kakashi and the fourth hokage. Kakashi is so cool and I guess one of the strongest. The fourth hokage or the father of naruto looks cool as well. Unfortunately he don't have that much appearance in the series.
@js35wake (28)
• United States
4 Mar 10
My favorite character in Naruto would have to be Naruto, for being a bit silly at the start of the show, lets not forget he was only 13 years old, so he was a kid. In shippuuden he was grown taller and learned some awesome new jutsu and just has his "head on his shoulders" mostly. Much more mature.
@Tantrums (949)
• Philippines
23 Sep 09
I like Rock Lee! Damn he "ROCKS", what if he had ninjutsu or genjutsu skills??? Damn he would be way be better then Sasuke... Or even Gaara or Naruto! hahaha!
• Singapore
22 Aug 09
My favourite character is naruto is Gaara. Have not been watching it for a very long time, guess it is about time to go back and catch up with this anime. Lol
@vj0007 (28)
• India
21 Aug 09
Definitely the Naaruto and Sasken characters from old times (IE as children not the teenage characters)...