Have fear of money problems !

@sarojInc (570)
August 3, 2009 11:37am CST
Do you have a fear on money problems ?Or do you have a fear of other things? Its strange but true .We all have fears . some notice and achieve full control of it .whereas some are aware of it but live with it. share!
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@chillpill90 (1937)
3 Aug 09
well at the moment i do have money problems since im struggling to find a job. But i think that when i have a job i wont worry too much.
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• United States
3 Aug 09
strangely i don't have fear of money problems. Well, I now I make around $1,000/week more or less I am ok financially. But, when I start this online business. There were I am down to my last penny, using all of my savings, my 401k sell all of my stocks and still did not have fears of money. I used to have fears of other things, but as soon as I face the fears, work out my problems. Abundance just flow in from all directions. Isn't it something?
• Nigeria
5 Nov 09
Nice knowing you dont have fear of money, that is the spirit, money should be controlled and not control us. my name is Luke, can you tell me more about club80?
• Nigeria
5 Nov 09
fear of money? NO WAY... if money comes, i will defeat it by controlling it, if it does come i.e. if scares, i will control myself... SO I DONT FEAR MONEY...
@derek_a (10898)
4 Aug 09
I used to have a lot of fears regarding money. I think it was more the way I was raised rather than things being bad for me. Once I got the idea that what I was doing would ensure that money-wise, things would be OK, my confidence grew. I am not a rich person, but I have long since worrying about money because it is an absolute waste of mental energy. I have always done my best to provide what is wanted and needed in life, and that has to be enough. I let fate take care of the rest. Trust is a great comforter in all aspects of life. If everyone had trust, it would be a better world, I am sure of it. - Derek
@izhar20 (60)
• Malaysia
3 Aug 09
yeh..sure i ll have a fear..mostly fear with money problems...i dont have a job and still searching for it...i am so worried bcoz now adays its hard to find a job..i dont want tobecome burden to my parents anymore..mm..for me..money problems comes within the way you spend the money..if u had salary 4K per month.but u spend the money like u hav 8K per months..the problem will come..furthermore..dont make so much debt..exspecially with credit card because we often forgot about the interest...so watch it while spending..
@mdvarghese (1789)
• Bangalore, India
3 Aug 09
All of us have one or the other problem. I will be always fear about so many things. But Iam not suffering because of the problems.I know my problems and It is under control till today. My problems are not that major and I dont have much worry as on today.
@sblossom (2169)
3 Aug 09
i think i have money problems lately, so i'm afraid the situation would be worse. Now basically i'm using my savings to survive. if i still could not find a job, i don't know what will happen next. i watched many movies about homeless people, i'm afraid i will struggle to survive like them. So now even i have some money, i'm very frugal with it. because of the fearness i reduce my shopping time. my life became simpler and easier. in this sense it's not too bad,
@meapas (2433)
• India
3 Aug 09
Money problems exists almost for every person. Not having enough for my friends, is my only concern at the moment, which I will overcome in a couple of years. Personally speaking I and my family have no such problems or fear. Ours is the happiest family as of today health wise and wealth wise, tomorrow one can't say.