What you guys think of the new roster lineup?

August 3, 2009 12:11pm CST
My opinion is Brian Colangelo did a great job on moving guys around. I wish we could have kept anthony parker but at the same time he wasnt as productive as he used to be. I like the additions of Jarret Jack which has a lot of potential, same as Antoine Wright. Who could forget Turkoglu....all I can say is CLUTCH!!! Also I like the idea of bringing Nesterovic back since we need big guys on our team. 3pt shooter of Belinelli, and a great Rookie prospect (possible Vince carter like but better) Derozan. If you look at the lineup now its going to be crazy: pg - Calderon sg - Derozan or Jack sf- Turkoglu pf - Bosh c- Bargnani second roster/bench pg - Jack or Douby/Ukic sg - Derozan/Jack/ Belinelli sf - Wright/Belinelli pf - Evans/maybe Pops c- Nesterovic I believe that this the year with the new lineup and actually doing training camp together with proud Canadian Jay Triano...we can actually make it to the playoffs and maybe even make it to the semi...maybe finals...who knows.... What do you think???
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13 Aug 09
This season is going to better than last because they didn't even make the playoff but this season the will probably make the playoff because they got hedo turkoglu who did great in Orlando and will probably do great with raps.the bad thing is that is Bosh contract expires this year so they might trade him or get him back.They also got a lot of new bench players who will be a great help this season.So go raptors!!
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18 Sep 09
should be ok, maybe we can get something better for Bosh. Either Bargnani or the rookie Derozan (which look great during the camp) will b the next franchise player
@Philbo (579)
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3 Aug 09
I think this coming season will be very interesting. I don't think they are contenders for a championship at this point but I honestly think they have come a long way. Great acquisitions this off season. So glad to see Nesterovic back. We missed him this past season. He does what he's supposed to do. Bang bodies take up space and keep us in the game when Bosh or Bargnani need some rest. Go Raptors.