Professor arrested in his own home in Massachusetts

United States
August 3, 2009 6:05pm CST
I want to know why African-Americans cry racism every time one of their race gets arrested. I'm not racist but for goodness sakes enough is enough. People get arrested everyday and most of the arrests that's are ever publicized is those of the black community and the reason why is because they make their situations worse by crying racism and making a scene thinking that the police will back off and leave them alone. There are plenty arrests made everyday by a black police officer and a white criminal, but I have yet to know of any of them crying racism. Just because we now have a black president doesn't mean that blacks are allowed to get by with more. If a person, black or white would keep their mouth shut and just cooperate and understand that the police have a job to do, they could get it done alot quicker and you could get back to your ordinary little lives. A well known black professor or not you ARE NOT above the law. If it looks like you are breaking into a home regardless of your skin color you need to prove that it is your home instead of yelling at a cop You Don't know who you're messing with. That in itself is a threat at a police officer and you needed to be arrested for it. If the professor wants to blame someone, he needs to blame the neighbor who called it in cause if he is such a well known person then his neighbor should have known that it was him and never called, unless that neighbor is white and racist. I look forward to all responses. Have a wonderful day!
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