Most Expensive Meal

August 3, 2009 8:59pm CST
Hello mylotters! One thing that satisfies us is the meal that is served for us, whether cheap or expensive, food always gives us delight. Most of us want to have a really nice meal or dine at a very nice restraurant and order a costly meal. This is one way of releasing stress, or satisfying our cravings, or to enjoy the experience, or merely seeing it is an adventure. Knowing we all come from all sides of the globe, I'd like to know what is the most expensive meal you ever had? What was it? How much was it? Where was it? What did you feel after having such meal? Happy mylotting!
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• United States
4 Aug 09
Most expensive meal I had was a buffet meal at the Cesear hotel in Las Vegas, it was $20 per person, and it was me, my aunt and my cousin. Luckily we had been given coupons for a free meal, so we didn't actually pay. But as far as buffets go that was the most expensive one I've been to, and the quality of the food was reflected in the price. I'm not really a fancy eater, mostly because I'm not a fancy restraunt person, I very rarely wear a dress. I felt full after I ate because I tried a little of everything just so I would have the experience. They even had fruit there I had never tasted before, and food I had never tried so it was a great experience.
• Philippines
5 Aug 09
Hello Bamboopanda! Wow! Having a nice meal for free is great! I'm happy for you for that experience! How I wish I get to nice places too and nice meals for free.. sigh.... Thanks for responding! Chrissa