what do you feel when PMS comes around?

@yelrihs (299)
August 3, 2009 10:26pm CST
i hate it when im having PMS. Everything is hurting, mind, body and soul. Im always angry, hungry, constipated, and in pain. terrible pain. PMS made me reach for food more than ever. how about you all?
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@chi2nasrin (1102)
• Malaysia
6 Aug 09
I will turn into a female tiger!!! angry will be my middle name. I will be hungry 24/7. I will get hungry even after a big meal. Usually my boyfriend will be my victim because I will either cry for small reasons or get angry like mad. He used to fight with me back but now he can understand. In return, in other time I have to lend my ear when he is "PMSing"!! Luckily though I seldom experience period pain, the last time I had it was maybe last year.
• Lithuania
5 Aug 09
pms is.. the worst days in my life.. the same like you everything is hurting, body mind and soul as well.. i am always angry on all the world, hungry, in pain and my skin strewing spots especially face... my family in these days run away from my way.. no one talking with me if i do not start..
@jessi0887 (2792)
• United States
4 Aug 09
Its different every month. Some and most months I will have bloating, cramping, excessive eating, moodiness, irritability, headaches, lower back pain, and sometimes I get emotional too. I think that is all of it.
@playapal (894)
• United States
4 Aug 09
My whole world is upset down when I am PMSing! I am just miserable, tired all of the time, grumpy, in pain, you name it I've got it. It really upsets my whole life. I have tried everything in the world for it and nothing really seems to help much. Plus I eat everything in the house, I have no self control at all!
• Philippines
4 Aug 09
The PMS days are one of the worst days in a month. I am not in the mood to do anything and it ruins my concentration at work. in addition to that, I notice that I am also highly irritable and sometimes would dislike being talked to.