whats your favourite simpsons character ?

August 3, 2009 11:26pm CST
whats your favourite simpsons character
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@anklesmash (1414)
31 Aug 09
without a doubt bart
• India
29 Aug 09
It is difficult to choose one character. Each of them are fun in their own way. I like Homer's stupidity and crzy comments. I like Bart's pranks his replies and crank calls. I don't think there is any Simpsons character I hate. I even like Buzzman.
@tr0tilas (63)
• Lithuania
17 Aug 09
Homer Simpson he is funny, stupid, lazzy and he shows us how we don't have to do in real life. I like him becouse of his stupid ideas. :D
@tonyllenium (6259)
• Italy
11 Aug 09
I like bart character in simpson normally he is nice and funny and have always a better dialoguein relation to other characters there!!May be also homer ..in reality it seemed so stupid sometimes but i think he is one of the funniest in the simpson as well!!
• United States
10 Aug 09
I guess my favorite character is Homer. He's funny but a great husband and makes me laugh so much
• Estonia
10 Aug 09
My favourite character is Willy. He doesn't appear too often in the series, but he always comes with a bunch of humor. I like the way he talks and the things he talks about, also his Scottish accent and stuff. He's the ultimate guy, he's the man!
• Hong Kong
10 Aug 09
My favorite character would definately be Milhouse. Even though he is not a main character in the series, he has a few episodes where he plays a significant role in the plot. I love how the creators crafted his personality. He is just so awkward and desperate making him my favorite character in the series. His dad Kirk Van Hoouten is also a well scripted character in the series. Both of them are just so...creepy and weird. Thanks for the interesting post.
@leeloo (1492)
• Portugal
5 Aug 09
Lisa Simpson the unappreciated and misunderstood, the only one that takes things seriously, though Maggie is fun, but no very active and except for a few episodes you only kind of know she is there. I read a description of her on her home page once a while back and it stated that she took after both parents, having Marge's sensibility, hard-working and understanding personalty and Homer is her dad so she has his name.