In high school why go some girls find boys silly and stupid ?

@voldrox (7200)
August 4, 2009 8:18am CST
Yes it is true, though i was a quiet one in school and did nothing much to attract others attention, but i have always heard girls say "gees, boys are so lame!" why is it that you girls say this, examples might do good with your opinion.... although things are much different after high school ;)
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@cryw0lf (1302)
• United Kingdom
4 Aug 09
Some girls think boys are 'silly and stupid' because women naturally mature faster then men mentally, hence they are more ready for something serious 9 times out of 10. However sometimes men just act so childish that its annoying - hence we don't seem to have an attraction response towards the male.
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@voldrox (7200)
• India
4 Aug 09
yeah i agree women do mature faster than boys and at that time we don't realize that coz we are yet to notice and i think that is why sometimes the things we do as young boys seems pretty lame to you all.