Nobody chose - So why do others hate others

South Africa
August 4, 2009 9:20am CST
Nobody chooses to be born. When they are born, nobody chooses a country to be born. Nobody chooses to have a white, black, dark, green, yellow, or whatever skin. Nobody choses to be born a male or female. So the question is: Why do other people dislike others who do not look like them. Is it not so stupid and insipid?
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• United States
12 Aug 09
You may need to speak to my half sisters they have despised me publically and in secret since I was concieved. Some how I had a say in my conception between OUR Father & MY Mother. I think some of it is taught when people are young by the people around them. We live in a pretty segregated area where certain groups only live among certain groups n certain neighborhoods, though most say it doesn't make a difference where they live but not everyone agrees with that stance especially behind closed doors. Most people hate the culture that is not there own & are too stubborn to accept or learn about another culture.
• South Africa
12 Aug 09
I feel sad about the sisters who did this to you. They will regret at the end. I can hardly believe how stupid other people can be. We need to be happy and enjoy this precious thing called life together. I wish we all liked and cherised each other. I wish we did not do bad things to one another. I wish that you be strong in this situation and take care.
@Hatley (164226)
• Garden Grove, California
9 Aug 09
hi anglespeed, we are alljust human beings, under our skin runs the same identical blood nomatter what our skin color is. Yes the person who dislike others with different skin' color are ignorant, narrow minded and indeed stupid.sometimes parents are bigoted and pass that bigotry down onto their kids, in other places kids grow to realize their parents are bigoted and they dislike their parents for being so stupid and ignorant.I think some sort of irrational fear in 'thewes bigots is present, fear of anything that is different.they cannot be christians for we are taught to love one another.