What unusual eating preferences do you have?

August 4, 2009 6:47pm CST
My boyfriend has this thing for banana ketchup on pancakes. He has a friend who likes sardines and peanut butter sandwiches. I like rice in my coffee. I know it's unlikely that a lot of others will find these yummy ( I don't like the ketchup pancake nor the sardines-pb combo). How about you?
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@yelrihs (299)
• Australia
9 Aug 09
jelly and yoghurt is nice, i also like banana sandwich (with lots of butter).. sometimes i add sugar or honey or golden or maple syrup..
• Philippines
16 Aug 09
I like the jelly and yoghurt combination but I think banana sandwich with butter is most definitely an unusual food choice. Doesn't it make your belly hurt?
5 Aug 09
Im quite a fussy eater so i dont have any unusual eating preferences as such. When i was pregnant i could never decide whether to have marmite on toast or peanut butter on toast for my breakfast so just had one slice of each. It became habit and i still have that for my breakfast everyday lol, people think im mad :)
• Philippines
6 Aug 09
Wow. Like everyday? I would think you are too as well... then again, who am I to say so? Whatever rocks your boat! LOL
@leprosa (127)
• United States
5 Aug 09
Oh wow I never heard of those! I wouldn't really mix any of those together personally, but whatever floats your happy boat. I can't think of any I personally do... but, the only thing I have tried is french fries dipped in shakes. Nothing new really, but it's not that nasty! :P I'm very picky with food! :)
• Philippines
5 Aug 09
LOL. I do that with fries too... I didn't think that was very unusual.. Hahaha something must be wrong with our tongues!