What do you know about China?

August 4, 2009 8:20pm CST
China is an ancient country and has as long as 5,000 year's history. China once created wonderful civilization in the history, and now is the largest developing country. As an English-speaking tour guide, I always guide foreign clients to visit Beijing and other cities in China, nearly everyone was surprised by the big changes of the new China. So now, I want to know, if you have been China before, how do you think about her? If you havn't, what do you know about China, whatever you read, heard, whatever good comments or bad, you can feel free to share with me. Thank you!!
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• Sri Lanka
20 Apr 13
nice bro nice china have grate history & culture ..so propeller for marshal art.. they have wonderful culture very big country in the world.now they make challage to anther europic country
• China
18 Apr 13
Originally,tea plants in southern China , tea as a famous health drink,it is the ancient China southern people to the Chinese diet culture contribution,also is the Chinese people’s contribution to the world food culture.I currently live in China.I see about the introduction of teafrom the article .http://www.golovechina.com/?p=503.Can you tell me more?
• China
18 Sep 09
I am a Chinese, and China will certainly understabd, but it can not be proficient, China is so old, so that we can not all understand. I live in Suzhou, Suzhou, discovered many ancient cultural sites, particularly in the late Neolithic Liangzhu culture richest, notably the Zhao Ling mountain sites, Shaoqing mountain sites, Chuo pier sites, Caoxieshan site, Luo mound sites, etc. Zhao Ling Mountain site in 1992 of which are listed as one of ten major discovery of archaeological sites.
• China
6 Aug 09
I am an chinese .I Love my homeland .the history is a parcel to a nation sometimes.so I think China need to study to the developed nations to develop itself. I know most chinese have a sane mind to our long histoy . we need to look back to the past we also need to concern now and the further