Sponsors or advertisers Below Topics or Respondents....didn't you notice????

August 4, 2009 11:51pm CST
I noticed this last night when i was mylotting. and for the first time when the page downloaded i saw something below my and others respondents and also under the discussion. they were some advertising companies there. I am not sure which is which. either some of other mylot users had advertise here or it's mylot's sponsors, and it's a lot. I might have miss something here. Do you see your advertising below? i surely wanted to do something like that in mylot here. Have a nice day.. PS: i bet there's another ad under this discussion.
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@mdvarghese (1789)
• Bangalore, India
20 Aug 09
I noticed now only and already I raised my doubt as a discussion. I didnt noticed your discussions.
@Nobody4me (165)
20 Aug 09
No, i don't see them. only on the side, you must be seeing things that you haven't seen before..like ghost in the internet.
@Jean25 (344)
• Philippines
10 Aug 09
YES. but not below either discussion or response. you must be hallucinating. you should go to sleep, you must be seeing things now. it's on the side and up.
@jillmalitz (5132)
• United States
5 Aug 09
i had not noticed that. I will have to get into this a little more.