The Philippine Government and its workforce

@wergild (189)
August 5, 2009 3:12am CST
Picture this out. You spent four or five years of your life in college. Alll the headaches, assignments and thesis that you have to finish and not to mention the financial burden that you must undertake and sruvive. You graduate with the finiest accolades you can afford because of your hardwork and with a diploma you apply for a government job that pays you a measly salary but still you opt for it because it offers some job security. Now you spend the nest three years of your professional life behind a governments desk and the boss tells you you can get promoted unless you earn your master degree. So struggle for that continuing education again and in the next two years you get your masters degree you have to fight tooth and nail to get promoted. Next stop is to get another Ph D because the government tells you that your competence for the high ranking managerial job requires proof via Ph D or other another MA degree. Assume your brain didnt get fried from studying, you keep taking classes, schools and continuing education to get promoted, enhance your skills and competency and eventually the Philippine Government and the public that it serves benefits from your hardwork. All because behind the desk of some state agency is an individual, driven by excellence, empowered and upgraded by higher learning. Here's the catch: To be a president, vice president, senator, congressman, governor down to the barangay captain, the only qualifications that you need is read this guys ABLE TO READ AND WRITE, A RESIDENT OF THE COUNTRY , A REGISTRED VOTER AND SOME AGE LIMITS BEING SET. So whats my point? The government will recruit only the best and the brightest in the land to run its machinery and that means you have to get all those MAs and Ph Ds because the governemt needs competent and skilled people. But any moron, bozo, idiot and imbecile who thinks he has the solution to the nations's problem can be a president? Imagine an very competent government employee, underpaid and ocverworked, who can't get promoted easily even after years of loyal service but his very life is being run by an idiot who just happens to know how to read and write, voted into the office of the president by the same idiots. Dont you find this odd?
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