do you have dreams?

August 5, 2009 4:46am CST
i want to is my dream.and i think fly is very cool.and do you tell me your dreams?and why?
3 responses
• Hong Kong
14 Aug 09
I wanna be a pop singer. Cuz I love singing very much. I wish I can be on the stage and sing one day~~ That's my dream~
@lingye (57)
• China
5 Aug 09
yeah, I always dream that I can fly with magic white wings since I have seen the Japanese cartoon air
@opalina143 (1239)
• Morristown, New Jersey
5 Aug 09
I have a lot of different dreams. The bad dreams are ones in which I die or get hurt. I sometimes dream I am back in college, and usually I have missed classes and am hurrying to get work done. I haven't had that many good dreams lately. I like to write stories, and I sometimes get good story ideas from dreams, even from bad dreams. I sometimes have very vivid dreams. I got VERY vivid and strange dreams when I was sick and had a fever.