do u believe in piracy

November 13, 2006 7:46am CST
wht do u think piracy is good or bad.we should use pirated softwares or not?
2 responses
@Warmedal (397)
• Sweden
16 Nov 06
Well.. Its good. Here in Sweden, we are stupid enough to accept DRM (Digital Restriction Management). A lot of the music albums in the store are protected with this. I don't like DRM at all, Reason: # Unable to burn out a personal backup That is bad, Then i need all my bought cd´s in my car and if the car gets stolen I loose all my music. # Some albums are so restricted so you cant even play it on your computer! ... That explains everything, right?
@bacchu30 (586)
• India
16 Nov 06
I supports software piracy because software co.s don't set up prices for their product as per buying capability of any country. They should not set up prices according to their home nations economy. They should do it according to the pricing index of that nation in which they are selling the product. The software mncs pay only one tenth to one sixth to the employees in india compare to the employees in usa, uk, japan,.....for the same designation. So they are taking advantage of indian pricing index to pay salary but they want to keep the same rate for their product as in usa, uk, japan.... Is this fair? I know they invest a lot to develope a software. But are loosing revenue for their unfair decision. The concept of different price in different country will help then to get more revenue and will STOP PIRACY. Whats your opinion.