I lost my Motorola RAZR, one of my most important cell phones for good...

United States
August 5, 2009 11:48pm CST
Earlier yesterday (8/5/2009), I didn't realize it, but just as I was about to tether my Motorola RAZR, the one that now had a cracked display on the front, the cell phone that helped me get rid of my old man, one of the scourges of my life out of my mom's house, and had an experience with Bluetooth and tethering; it was very important to my life), I felt my pockets and it wasn't there! I still had my old backup cell phone, my Nokia Tracfone (blue and grey; I recently reactivated it after a long time), but my RAZR was gone! Yesterday, I told myself all hope wasn't lost yet. I used a reverse cellphone lookup tracker site, input my phone number on the site, and got the details of where it might be. I copied the latitude and longitude of the location, and pasted it onto Google Earth, and gave me the possible street address, and that's where I headed. after I went to the bank to pull out some of my money for an upcoming family trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee, I went past my downtown area of my town to the address from earlier. Too bad I didn't have a printer, and too bad I didn't completely master the Bluetooth capability to transfer my files like I did earlier. Last time I transferred my files I couldn't tether my phone to the internet with Bluetooth, and now it's the other way around. I should've saved my SIM card just in case. I went to a flower store and asked where the exact location was, but she had trouble finding it as I did. Afterwards, although it was a hot day and I had a bottle of water and a portable, battery-powered fan, I looked up and down every building for the number of the building on the street that it was located. I asked a few people, but still no luck. After asking someone who might know, I went deeper down the street and crossing the road to someone who knew a girl who had my phone, but I realized that I headed down the wrong way. NOW all hope of finding my phone was lost. I didn't even have my contacts in my old phone that must've been wiped out due to a long time of inactivity or accidental deletion. So that's when I gave up, ate out and returned home after a hot and sweaty day of Sherlock Holmes-ing for my phone. I had a lot to do on Monday. I had to do bloodwork, pay off a small amount of debt at Dillard's by phone at the Mall store and had to cancel my card that I didn't even receive. I was so busy that I accidentally dropped my phone by accident and someone must've gotten it by now and took it with him/her. That's the last time I put my most important stuff in my pants, and I had to put them in my sling bag so no one could take them. I lost my phone two times. One when my old cell phone holder broke and I didn't receive my phones until later on. I had to hurry home to find them and my older sister delivered them back. This time it's the RAZR, and it's gone for good. It was just so hot and I was still under stress that I couldn't even think straight. Now i'll have to have my older sister or my mom cancel out the RAZR and I gotta get another one since i'm still under her family plan. I guess I just can't keep up with my important items when i'm not only under stress, but when i'm under the hot sun, and i've been walking all over the town to find it. But at least I still had my backup Nokia phone just in case, and had it reactivated just in time.
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• Philippines
6 Aug 09
THat's really awful experience. i bet they were mad as hell when they found out. i think it's best if you have a phone holder or chain so that your Phone wouldn't fall at all. better not make the same mistake, cause i know it ain't good when some one founds it and doesn't bring it back. Am really sorry for what happened to you.