Buxnew is not paying now

@lak2jai (807)
August 6, 2009 7:51am CST
I am a member of buxnew. Earlier while I was yet to reach the minimum payout level then the admin sent the message the server has got some problem hence all the datas were lost. Hence start afresh. I started latter afresh and now reached the minimum pay they are telling now it is on hold. Pleae discuss about the genuinness of the site
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@knrsekar (1009)
• India
6 Aug 09
Possibilities are more for this site to be a scam one and we are able to see in the various forums, only the negative opinion about this site. Fortunately, I was not able to register with this site even after many attempts as at the time of registration, their sever had more problems. Then I quit my registration attempt. Unless you see the payment proof from the trusted source, don't be active in this site and we are having some other sites to be active. Avoid the scam sites.
• China
6 Aug 09
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