What is your favorite beach and why?

United States
August 6, 2009 12:37pm CST
What are the best beaches? Why is that your favorite beach? My husband and I like to take our kids to the beach at least once a year because we all LOVE the beach. At the moment my favorite is Destin, FL, because it is so beautiful and clean, but there isn't a whole lot for the kids to do there. So we usually take the kids to Panama City Beach, FL, or Gulf Shores, AL, we are going to Myrtle Beach, NC Labor Day, I'm excited because I've never been there. The only beach that I've ever been to and didn't like was Bilouxi, MS it was dirty looking, but it could have been because it wasn't too long after a hurricane. Also the beaches in San Diego, CA are absolutely gorgeous! I lived there as a kid.
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@IzzyKitty (116)
• United States
16 Aug 09
Myrtle Beach NC would have to be my favorite! I went last year and had a blast. I've never had so much fun before. It seems to get very dangerous around August though... the waves are so rough! But it was fun none the less. I suggest not going body boarding that time of year there haha. There's also a beach in Virginia I like... but I forgot the name grr! As of now I just go to Rockaway Beach in NY which isn't the best beach but not bad to relax and tan :)
@vinslounge (1295)
• India
15 Aug 09
My favourtie is MARINA BEACH in Chennai, INDIA. It is the SECOND LONGEST BEACH in the World. As my place of living is about 200 meters from the beach, daily I goto beach for the Morning walk and i love that. Since My Childhood, I used to spend most of my time in the Marina beach. Although some 5 years ago, it was polluted due to toursists and other aspects such as Garbage, Fishing wastes etc., recently the MARINA BEACH BEAUTIFICATION process have been introduced and it is being executed quite efficitently. Govenment have imposed BAN on the plastic materials and other pollutants inorder to restore the beauty of the beach. Hence in some days, MARINA would be back to its charmful position which it held some 20-30 years ago and I wish it happens very soon. Have a great day and thanks for starting this discussion. Cheers:-)
• India
7 Aug 09
The best beach as far as I am concerned is the MARINA BEACH in Chennai, India. It is supposed to be the second longest beach in the world. About 20 to 30 years back, it was a beautiful beach,not polluted with garbage and vendors. Today it is a completly spoiled, because most of the fishermen, keep their caramarans in the beach and they dry their fishes on the shores. As I live in an area which is just five minutes walk from the beach, I go there everyday for my walking.
@maximax8 (31060)
• United Kingdom
9 Aug 09
I am very keen on traveling and the best beaches I found in the Seychelles on La Digue Island. I saw powdery white sandy beaches, silver gray rocks of granite and an aquamarine sea. I went out snorkeling from the soft sand into the blue ocean where I saw lots of colorful coral. It can be wonderful to have accommodation on a tropical beach. In Samoa there is a gorgeous palm fringed white sandy beach. It is possible to stay in fales, traditional thatched buildings. They can stay open at night to allow a gentle breeze and to hear the waves gently splash. I went to San Diego and found some lovely beaches. It must have been wonderful to live there.
@gossipzz (498)
• Canada
7 Aug 09
one of the best beach I have been to is on a beautiful island Barbuda. The people there are very nice, they are aways haveing a beach party. Certain beaches is pure white sand and on certain beach you can find pink sand. It is also great for the shell collectors. If you are also brave you can take a boat to a certain place in the ocean and step out of the boat and walk around.
• China
7 Aug 09
I am also very fond of the sea,but I don't have the money could not go very frequently,It's too far away from here,otherwise I would often go there because the people at the seaside to ease of mind,broad vision to people,can make life a lot of sentiment philosophy.
@LaurenInLA (2270)
• United States
6 Aug 09
I love the beach also/ I live in Southern California so DH and I spend a lot of time there. My favorite beach in California is Laguna Beach. I like it because the town is so compact that we can park our car and walk everywhere. The beach is beautiful and part of it is a preserve filled with tidepools. The beach is great for walking (a prerequisite for me). Tons of things to do and great restaurants. Another one of my favorite west coast beaches is Ocean Shores in Washington state. Kind of a tacky little town but we usually stay in Weswtport and drive over. This is the longest beach in the state. Again, I'm a walker and this is a great wlaking beach. Much to do for families here and it gets very crowded in the summer. I haven't done a lot of beaches on the east coast. Been to Florida a couple of times. My favorite east coast beach is Misquamicut Beach in Rhode Island. Hard to tell you why. The town itself is small and kind of quiet but there's something about that beach that I fell in love with. We took a three week vacation to drive the New England coast last year and we ended up extending our vacation for an additional week so that we could spend it in Misquamicut. Great walking beach. Happy beach hunting!
• Malaysia
7 Aug 09
i do not like beach. maybe because i do not know how to swim and i find there is limited activities you can do in the beach if you cannot swim. But i do know Malaysia got a lots of beautiful beaches like Redang Island, Perhential Island, Langkawi Island and Pangkor Island. If you do visit Malaysia, then you must visit these few islands.