time for change

August 6, 2009 7:36pm CST
it is time for a change in the way the u.s. is run. i think that it is time to make the u.s. start working for every one not just the ones with the most money. i call out to all of my fellow working class to call you state gov. and tell them thet you dont whant your tax dollers just given to the unworthy. for so long we have let the gov. run with out holding them accountable(spelling) its time to start leting them now that we have had enouph. the gov. should answer to us not the other way around. these big bisness should not have the right to get any money! if thay cant tell there ceo's to take a pay cut then let them go out of bisness.
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• United States
7 Aug 09
Obama promised that things would be done differently and that he would bring about that change. Well, that being said. i think it is important that change does happen. The way things have been going is better than what the economy and such used to be before he took office but it's not much better. And they say it could take up to two years for us to see the affects of the stimulus package begin to roll in along with the fact that those who have opposed this bill from the get go are saying they are going to try to do everything they can to keep there state from getting the money that they deserve. And locally, one year a few years back they cut field trips out here instead of cutting back on raises for officials in the school disctrict. I think its stupid. If they really are there for the kids then the amounts they bring home should be cut back to allow the kids to experience the things they experienced growing up.