Were You Really A Michael Jackson Fan Before He Died?

@MoonGypsy (4606)
United States
August 6, 2009 8:48pm CST
all over the net, on forums every where people are messaging death threats to all those who express opposition to michael jackson. his twisted father, joe said it best. he is larger in death than he EVER was in life. it's kind of scary, but i agree with him. don't get me wrong michael jackson was one of the greatest entertainers of all time (shady past and all), but i was never a fan of his. i always recognized his talents, but i just could not shake the fact that he legally got away with inappropriate behavior with kids. i know that he was found innocent, but there are many guilty people who are free, and many innocent in jail. so , the law is not perfect. just like o.j. got away with outright murder. i guess now, we are all supposed to forget all of that, and focus on his talents. john wayne gacy was a talented painter. let's forget about how he butchered over 33 people to death. lol. no, we can't do that, cause the media didn't hype him up like they did michael jackson. what i am surprised about is that people are catching on to this mass outbreak of FAN-atic-ism, that media hype about his death has caused. i can't believe that there are people who are killing themselves cause michael jackson has die. this one girl, on one of my other posting forums posted an anti-michale jackson opinion, and the response she got from someone is that she should loose her life! really people! is this all that serious? yes, of course it is to michael jackson's family and close friends. but what does it really mean to people who never even met him? i'm sure when he was alive, many of his fan were wanting his head on a silver platter for the thought of him molesting those kids. furthermore, many of his fans would NEVER let any of their kids, or young loved ones sleep in the bed alone with michael jackson. my thing is, be real about this. it's one thing to catch the wave, and ride the band wagon. it's another thing to just go completely psychotic over this dead man. many of his "fans" need to get some professional help. i never was a michael jackson fan, and i am not going to start just because he is dead. and no, i will not watch my words when it comes to michael jackson, because he is NOT THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. he was only a man...well, a person. just like anyone else. his life was no more important than any one else. either. tell me, how many of you michael jackson fans are REALLY fans, not just since he died. i'm just curious. being able to name all of his songs doesn't count either. he was one of the greatest entertainers of all time, so of course three generations back will know most of his music, unless you just landed on the planet yesterday.
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@indybaty (368)
• Panama
7 Aug 09
What I think is that what has happened for some time now is that people are fixated with celebreties... not just for their talents, but also in their lives, their privacy, etc etc. Michael Jackson was definetly not an exception. Its true, he was a regular joe like anyone else, and yes, as you say, he is NOT the creator of the universe (overexaggerated title if I do say so myself), the ones who epithimize Michael Jackson are not just fans, but the media has also a part on that for showing him off during his success and also during his falls, people eat it up, and its not enough. I consider myself to have been a fan of Michael Jackson, a very talented artist that we are going to miss very much, I respect him by accepting that he is gone and not behaving in such ways were people would react as you state. Whatever happened in his personal life, wether he was guilty, innocent is no business of mine, I dont defend him nor do I accuse him since we cant judge even though it is an everyday thing in human nature. If the courtrooms found him innocent and he was guilty, well, his maker will deal with that, as we do all when our time comes. So Ill finish by only writting this, I consider myself to have been and still a true Michael Jackson fan as an artist that he was, but Michael Jackson the man, we were never friends and I've never met and I know the difference. Take care!
@grundmang (112)
• Israel
7 Aug 09
i liked his music wasnt a big fan then and am not now
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@Priceless (1277)
9 Aug 09
I've been a Michael Jackson fan from I was 9 years old. I used to be mad about him, completely obsessed. He played a big part in my life for a good year or two, he was my idol. When I got a bit older my music taste started to change a bit, but I'd never deny liking Michael. I moved away from him for a bit, got into Queen, The Libertines etc but still had the odd listen to Michael. Now he's gone I really regret not giving him more of my attention in the years between. I've always supported him, always been a fan, but in the last few years I just became less obsessed. When he passed, a huge part of me left with him. I still can't believe he's gone. It's Michael Jackson, I didn't think he could die. I miss him so much. He is the king of pop, now and forever. I miss you Michael :( x
• Atlantic City, New Jersey
8 Aug 09
I became an MJ fan in 1982 when he dropped his Thriller album. I remember having it hung on my wall next to the a poster of him in the Billy Jean video stepping on the side walk as it lights up. I also remember owning a red jacket like the one he wore in the video of Beat It. His music had a huge effect on my life because It was all around me. My family revolves around music and find any occasion to play some good music. I remember my mom playing a lot of Micheal in his Jackson 5 era. Do I believe some fans take it too far- absolutely! Do I believe his personal life is any of my business..NO. I never stopped being a fan of MJ- even thru his court proceedings- I, like some others above me in this post felt that his personal life had no business in the entertainer lifestyle that I knew him for. I loved his innovation of new ideas in his videos- and his songs. Whether he was guilty of the crime charged- well as another member put it- his creator will deal with that....it is not for me to say. RIP MJ
@chi2nasrin (1101)
• Malaysia
27 Aug 09
I am not a big fan of him, I only like his song Black or White. I always think that he got weird dancing style. But then again they say, nobody moves like he did!
• United States
24 Nov 09
You really are my sister..hahahah. I just posted on this subject tonight. This is scary.