Can we play games like crysis,Gta,etc on mac os

August 6, 2009 9:28pm CST
Hi my lotters. Mac is really something I am getting interested in. Wish I had it too. So as how about it can u play such games on mac??
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@mr_mlk (364)
8 Aug 09
You can install windows on any modern Mac, or you can use a virtualization program (Parallels) to run windows software on a Mac(1). But native games are rare. Some groups are quite pro-Mac (Maxis - Spore, The Sims and id - Quake, Doom). The best way to game on a Mac would be to buy a low end one and an 360 or PS3. 1) NOTE: Don't expect apps to run at fill full speed.
@tonyllenium (6260)
• Italy
7 Aug 09
i don't know about these game in particular but normally there are also a mac version for the most famous games you cna play o your mac too!!So if there is not you can search some emulator program which it emulates the windows os available for mac..i think there are some which they are ok!!Normally pc games are created for windows platforms also becaus ethey need many direct x and high graphic controls more common to windows than other os but in many cases you can find some programs that emulates the windows setting and so you will be able to play on othe rplatform too!!I never had a mc becaus ei don't like too much but when i use some linux distribution i tried some emulators of windows designed for linux os and they normally work good with games and other softwares for windoows as well!!