do you believe that love can be acquired?

August 6, 2009 10:45pm CST
before, my family wanted me to marry the guy whose happened to be our family closest friend. for the fact that his stable enough to support his own family. he already have house and a car of his own. but the problem was i only treated him like my big brother as i used to call him "kuya"(thats a tagalog words for big brother with respect). then they told me that i can love and get along with him if we live together after marriage. of course he courted me, and his family like the idea too. but i really told him that i like him as one of my big brother only. though his married now and i also have a BF whom i love. and i was thinking what will be my life now if i accept the proposal. i was thinking that maybe i already have kids though am i that happy?
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