Swallowing fish bone - how did you remove it?

@kevchua (1004)
August 7, 2009 1:16am CST
Have you ever swallowed a fish bone (by accident, of course)? I have - once a long time ago. The result is that I'm now not into eating fish. It slows me down. Besides that, the bones in some fish are so fine that you'll know there's a bone only after swallowing it. So, have you swallowed a bone, and how did you remove it?
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• Malaysia
4 Oct 09
Hi, Kev! Yes, I ever, quite a few times especially when I was little. Even though I was so careful about it, but I guess, like you said some fish bones are just so delicate that sometimes I did not realize that I have swallowed it and got stuck in my throat. Normally, my parents would ask me to chew some plain rice and swallow it slowly. Try to do it a couple of times, the bone will definitely attach to the rice and be removed.
• China
4 Oct 09
well, I have such experience when i was a child, and my mon told me to swallow a lot of vegetable, so I did, and that fish bone goes down with those vegetable! it hurst anyway. Till now I don't like to have fish! unless they are boneless.
@callarse1 (4786)
• United States
4 Oct 09
If the bones are small then they are going to pass out of your body through your intestines. It would just be like corn and some other vegetables that are not very solvable and pass nearly unchanged. I don't think I would be concerned unless it was a very large bone. I am sure you could ask your doctor for more details or questions.
@bulzika (280)
• Dominican Republic
7 Aug 09
you should eat boiled potatoes. it really helps. I had the same things couple of times and it helped
@med889 (5954)
7 Aug 09
I have been in this situation many times and when the bone enters my mouth inside,it hurts and the first reflection I have is to swallow it and then my throat starts hurting me so I drink water a lot of water to make it swallow rapidly, sometimes It get stuck in my mouth itself and then from that time I always ask my mom to remove the bones for me and in restaurants I prefer to eat fish without its bones though.
• United States
7 Aug 09
sure thing. usually i drink some vinegar to internerate the fish bone
• Mexico
7 Aug 09
I have done.But not so big bones.I hate to eat fish.I dont like fish with full of bones.If there will be some major problem then,i will contact with doctor.Generally it happens rare.