What else do you think should improve in MyLot?

@gary1125 (173)
August 7, 2009 2:26am CST
Hi, I have been a member in MyLot for 2 years. I enjoy to discuss with people here. The reputation system is built to credit, but I read some discussions that people are not satisfied about it. Another thing I found was people tried to start some boring topics and something repeated before. I think if there is a solution for that, it would be perfect. What else do you find out about MyLot to improve.
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@2EarnMoney2 (1163)
• United States
7 Aug 09
I think any topic started with less then x# of characters or words should not be allowed. Make it anti-twitter and go with 140 :) 1)An option next to the "post and preview response" page to "submit tags or Skip" I really hate that extra screen there, that has less info about what you are posting, and about the original topic or reply you are talking about, meaning if you have very short memory that you have less info to properly tag the discussion. 2)I'd LOVE to be able to organize the "Interest groups" shown at the top of the page under the banner so it didn't automatically show the most recent interest groups you are signed up under with time of last Topic Started. Would be nice to modify it so I always see X# of Interest groups, like I always want to see "Make extra money" and "MyLot". (no more then 4, so you still see 4 most recent) Along with modify it so that I can see last Topic started Name and user that posted it, like you can from the Home page. 3)Would also like a "blink" on tasks tab when new ones are posted, same with messages and friend requests, I know they already show a number, but a Blink would be nice add-on. Same with "friends started" tab. 4)Would also like to see a "F" or some other form next to a friends name of notifying me when viewing a discussion that they have replied in (or started). 5)I would also enjoy the "reward" to post one affiliate link after reaching a 10 star(or maybe 95/100) rating in one discussion per month or something like that, give the best users a reward of sorts like that. Would be really easy to keep from abuse by a simple check-box. When you go to post as a member who's reached the appropriate Star ranking you have the option to check the box that allows you to post the affiliate link, Then the box dis-appears for 30 days, or til end of month. Then when users view the discussion when someone has decided to use their check-box, a Message appears at the top of the discussion notifying users who read it, this is there reward Post and is allowed to have their referral link there for this post only. If you keep it once usable only every month it wouldn't really make it worth it for people to try and "cheat" the site and inflate each others star ratings. 7)Think a "member's" of the month section would be really neat as well, determined by any number of factors, Star Ranking + Post Count + Best Responses + Earnings + New Referrals that month + any other thing MyLot determined fit. With a nice little reward of some sort, be monetary or Special Star Ranking or Certain Interest Group to Post in or w/ever. 8)A way to see in the Interest Groups when deciding which ones to join, the number of people in that group, and it's last activity date (not upto the min activity, just the actual date would suffice) Along with a list of the top 10-20 groups overall on MyLot, by people, by Post & Topic count. 9)An ability to "mass mail" friends, but with an option you HAVE to select to receive "mass mail" from this person. 10) A better version FAQ section for MyLot Profiles that explains in depth with pictures how to add links and banners to your MyLot profile, after earnings questions this is most asked question I see, if it was properly answered and shown how to do, we wouldn't have to answer it so much and as such MyLot wouldn't have to pay users for something that could be better answered in the FAQ.
@rlaknar (616)
• India
7 Aug 09
Yes you are right. People restricted themselves to start discussions. I have seen many repetitive discussions . Why people want to post the same thing ? The reason being they confined to particular topics and think that responders reply to those topics only. I have made some changes in posting and planning to make change more. The change we need is with us. We need to come up with interesting discussions. And it is my humble thought about mylot that, along with private message, if mylot gives opportunity for chat, it would be something better. Happy Mylotting!
@mickly08 (769)
• China
7 Aug 09
I intend to practice my English here .I fancy it is do help me a lot with my English .Besides ,I get a lot from sharing questions with others . I can consider questions more comprehensive .Also ,I learn a lot different customs from others .I have not gone aborad until now . Mylot give us a platform to share .I think all benefit a lot from Mylot .What about you ?