Do you like to wear all day your pajamas if you have a free day?

August 7, 2009 3:36am CST
In a rainy day, when you stay in home, with your computer and try to relax, and feel good in your intimacy, you like to wear all day your pajamas? Is so relaxing, i like this a lot, i don t open my door to any person, just stay in home, watch to tv, or "talk" with my pc, or who not sleep and think; i like this moments so much even i don t have to much free time to make this. What about you? Do you like to wear your pink pajamas with little bears, or like to wear jeans and a t shirt?
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7 Aug 09
Sometimes on a Sunday if i dont have anything to do me and my daughter stay in our pyjama's and just laze around watching tv and playing games. Its nice and relaxing, especially when your having one of those days where you dont feel like going out and facing the world, or when the weather is really terrible.
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• Romania
8 Aug 09
Hi there, is great in rainy and free days, to stay in home in pajamas, with a hot chocolate and care what happened in really relaxing, i adore make this
• United States
7 Aug 09
I would wear my pjs the whole day. I'm more comfortable like that. it just feels so cozy when you are indoors and it's rainy so might as well get as comfortable as you can. I'll have to keep guests at the door and go change though (unless they're close friends or family)
• Romania
8 Aug 09
you are right, is very comfortable, and after so much work, we need feel free realx and free in our homes
@ras7599 (138)
29 Nov 09
I don't do it as much as I'd like to. I did have a pajama day like 2 weeks ago, which was nice and relaxing. I hope i do it more often once it gets really cold, cuz I wear my fuzzy robe too with my pjs, and there's nothing better than a lazy day in a fuzzy bathrobe when it's freezing!
@cwong77 (2011)
• Malaysia
10 Aug 09
Yes, I enjoy having my pyjamas if I am at home.. hiding in the room and not seeing anyone.. but once I bath, I change that into my usual clothings...
@icesmile (7160)
• Romania
7 Aug 09
hi, i like to stay all day with pajamas, is relaxing, and i can make what i want, i can sleep, or watch to tv, if all day is free, i will be very happy, but i am sorry to say that i don t have free days, but if i have i will stay in pajamas, for sure. What can be more relaxing?