Has anyone ever seen a spirit before?

August 7, 2009 4:05am CST
Personally I have not seen any, how was it like to encounter one and to actually see it with your naked eyes?
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@thokius (426)
• Austria
7 Aug 09
Ever since I began my research about genetic memory I've understood that in most cases what people describe as a spirit is actually a genetic glitch. In other words due to genetic bleeding (also know as the "bleeding effect") if one of your ancestors has been in an old house you are in right now you could start to see something he/she saw or heard while there. It's as if your ancestors are still living in you. That's why you have de ja vu and such. Other then that in some cases no one has be able to explain it. I myself have experienced many genetic glitches but I don't think I've seen a spirit- just my ancestors' dreams and visions... Have a nice day hollyhock33