a very precious story

@tkleyr (406)
August 7, 2009 4:54am CST
I post this story of mind here in my lot to be an inspiration to other. Each and every one of us facing different trials day by days but don't gave up for it will help us become a better person.Always remember that in the end there is happiness awaiting. Back if my life years ago, I am just a simple girl with a simple dream "To finish my study, find good job and help my family financially". I really love going to school learning new things and making friends but most of all i love watching this guy roaming around( i think i have a crush on him). I am looking forward for my beautiful future, but things got worst, i have to stop going to school since our family is facing a difficult situation. My father is sick! it means as the older daughter i have to shoulder everything for us to live since my mother is busy taking good care my younger siblings. I don't know what to do, i want to shout to cry or just vanish. I can see all of my dreams broken into pieces. But life should go on, i work hard and hard for us to live. In my little mind I already understand how money important is, that we should value what we have for a better future. After a rainy moments in my life here is the sun offering for a better future and i accept it with two hands. From pieces into whole, that's what happen to me,. My father turn ok, i manage to go back to school again as a working student. And i started to make a dream again, but guess what...the guy that i adored most is still there(at school). Its silly isn't it? year past but my adoration for him still there. I though i lost it years ago but i was wrong he's right here hiding in the deepest part in my heart waiting to be discover. I tried to stop this foolish heart but i only end up in his arms. It is wrong,,its really really wrong,like heaven and earth, water and air, sun and moon, can't be together. Every night in my bed i cried a river for a love can't be, i always blame the world for why life is so unfair. I want him to be out in my heart, mind and life but it's so hard its like your eating without a water. I lost in nowhere and no one can save me from the dark. In the darkest day in my life GOD is always there. Is it a miracle or just my imaginative mind..? I am already married, guess who..with him (d guy at the school) after having a hard time fighting for his love i won! I manage to beat all the consequences, i know there is more to come trying to destroy the harmony of our love but i am prepared. After facing those hard moment in my life there is no reason i can't manage those upcoming trials. There is no such perfect life it is just on your hands how to handle those problem.
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