Is it normal to a couple sleeping seperately?

@tkleyr (406)
August 7, 2009 5:06am CST
In a family is it normal that husband and wife sleeping separately? i really wonder this living set-up of my friend, they live in same house but its just they are only board mates. Yes they talk but only when it comes to children or electricity bill, water bill matter. The worst part is they sleep separately. I ask my friend regarding to this matter since this set-up affect the kids, she only gives me a sigh.. I really wonder why,? am so puzzled since i never heard having a fight.
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7 Aug 09
No i dont think its normal neither is it healthy for people in a relationship to sleep in separate beds unless there is a real good reason for it like one of them is sick or something. However hard people will try to play it down there is definatley an underlying issue in your relationship if you feel like you need to sleep in separate beds in my opinion :)
@tkleyr (406)
• Philippines
7 Aug 09
lol..yeah your right. but in there case they separate sleeping in a year, i never heard anything since i used to live in there house for a long time. Maybe they are already tired looking each other
7 Aug 09
Well really from going on their "arrangements" from what you describe i honestly dont think there is much point in them even being together, seems its for convieniece sake more than anything else :)
@lovedude (4453)
• India
10 Aug 09
Well.. I don't think it's abnormal.. but if it's because of fight or something.. it's not good.. My parents were used to sleep separately specially when I or my brother was not well and need parents.. My mom use to sleep beside me..