the Jinan red leaves valley in any place

Hong Kong
November 13, 2006 8:32am CST
the Jinan red leaves valley in any place
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19 Aug 17
It must be a fascinating place.
• Hong Kong
16 Nov 06
The red leaves valley ecologically-conscious culture travelingposition undergoes south the city exquisite silk Sichuan township toJinan the mountainous area, the plan area 4,000 Chinese acres, theplan area center distance exquisite silk Sichuan reservoirapproximately 4 kilometers, is apart from the urban district 33kilometers, rides in a carriage approximately 35 minutes then toarrive. The scenic area depends on the original green hill famous spring,through the afforestation, built stores water, completes a scenery tocomplement, the bubbling spring flew the waterfall, ? aquatic birdcry, nature peaceful ecology garden. In the scenic area the shade isrich, green jade hills dark green, ocean waves sketch. Spring to wildflower brilliant, the summer coolly comes to be pleasant, late autumnthe red leaves flow Dan, the winter resist the frost near the hungmuytea. Thousand Chinese acre wild yellow ? jungle, every time meet thelate autumn red leaves full mountain, has formed the advantageousnatural landscape.