can you get all the informations in the internet?

August 7, 2009 9:11am CST
researching in the internet can help you get the informations you want to can see All the informations in the internet.
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@EliteUser (3964)
• Australia
2 Oct 09
Hey, Well to tell you the truth, I think that we can almost get all the information we actually need from the Internet. For example, if I would have a problem, instead of asking a friend or something like that, I will just search on the Internet. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
@sagnik42 (3592)
• India
9 Aug 09
Internet is the store house of all the information of the world and beyond.Of course when I need any information I rely on the internet to get it. More than just information, internet is the backbone of almost everything now.I just can't think of the power of the internet.Nothing can function now without the internet.Every thing that concerns us,from every countries military security to economy, the basic infrastucture, everything is there on the internet. We cannot do anything without it.
@Zaphan (710)
• Philippines
8 Aug 09
For me no, what about the person who has lots of information but don't know how to use computer, they can't share the knowledge they have. The best way to gather information is experience certain thing you want to know. For example if you want to know how farmers plant their seeds, yes you can read and gather that information thru the internet but is that enough to learn it???you should experience it and you will have more information you can gather than reading it on the net.
@knrsekar (1009)
• India
7 Aug 09
I thought of getting each and every information in the internet, before started to use the internet. But it seems, we are not able to get some basic information some times. They have dumped a lot about the things only if they are looked by the most of the users.The information which is needed by only few users are not available still now.Also only the related information are available which are confusing us too much, when we are looking for some particular information.We can get the info of major categories only. Not the all.
@mickly08 (769)
• China
7 Aug 09
I think I can get many information from the internet,but not all information .Because some are no available in the internet . You need to get it from the library ,or somewhere else .There is much degree depend on what information you want to get . As for me ,almost all the information I need can get from the internet .
@izhar20 (60)
• Malaysia
8 Aug 09
erm..yeh..i often use internet if want to seek information or something important.. but..not all information i can gathered here..usually the information in internet is not 100% i get the information..i will go to library..or disscussing with friend regarding the information..i will gathered as much information i can..and will compared the differences and i will choose the best information... ..its sure take time but..its worthy..