Faith Restored Anew

@tessah (6617)
United States
August 7, 2009 9:40am CST
part of the reasons for my unplanned vacation from this place, has been horrible financial difficulties. after a ten year marriage got tossed into the gutter because my husband decided being married was "too much work" and his girlfriend was "easier".. leaving me with kids to feed and a mortgage to pay without any means to do so, and no resume after tending to his dying father for five years tobe able to GET the means.. money been a rare commodity to say the least. at a new found low and bawling to my little brother because all of those who i had been there for when i did have the means had conveniently forgotten i had paid their rents, kept their electric on, fed their kids.. i lost al of my faith in humanity as a whole and sunk to a very very bad place within my damaged psyche. bound and determined that i not lose the last scrap of my optimisms.. my younger sibling.. made a phone call. which in turn incited another phone call.. and another and emails and texts and instant messages.. which spread across the globe. all of whom at my brothers request.. dumping money into my paypal account. a dollar here, 6 bucks there.. nickle and diming me to the point i had enough to keep my cable on so i wouldnt lose the job i did finally get. (its an online gig.. and without emails and phones etc.. i cant work.) so my night started with me bawling over my lack of confidence in the human race, and ended with me bawling over the generosity and caring of people who didnt know me from a hole in the wall who reached out to help.. in whatever way they could. have you ever been blown away by a gesture from a stranger(s)? tell us about it..
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