What do u think of China?

August 7, 2009 10:00am CST
Have u ever been to China? How much do u know about China? I've a Chinese. For so many times I've seen reports about China on foreign websites saying China is not good esp on issues of Tibet and Taiwan and Xinjiang. DO u think China is bad? Tell me what is your attitude towards China.
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@tdemex (3545)
• United States
7 Aug 09
I think their agenda is to rule the world! At any costs! tdemex
• China
7 Aug 09
Chinese people just want to live a happy,healthy and wealthy life.Politician may want to rule but common people wanna get peace.
@aerous (13459)
• Philippines
11 Sep 09
As far as I know China, is called sleeping giant in Asia. China, is not threatening their people. Jobs salary is not fair, privilege is not equal. China is a progressive country but their system of governance is full of human rights violation. China, should also wanted to get Taiwan. Where this country is not belong to them as in history will base upon. They should let Taiwan, being as it there. Because people in that place is live peacefully and get the benefit of being free. Even the Internet in that country. They filter it and control everything in it. To find out if there is something against to them. We all have the right access information and the government not intervene us for what we do. Because they are not provide us for what we eat or what clothe...This is all kinds of suppression to prevent people to live freely...
@maximax8 (30485)
• United Kingdom
7 Aug 09
I am very keen on traveling and China is one of the places on my travel wish list. I know I would need to get a visa to go there. I think that Chinese people are really friendly and know some of them on wonderful My Lot. I have been to Hong Kong but I don't think of that as being the same as actual China. I felt sorry for the people in Beijing that were affected when the authorities were getting ready for the Olympics. The authorities were tough and had some homes knocked down to make progress with their planning for the big event. I know China has a one child policy. The average lady is allowed just one child. I think that most ladies want to have a boy and I have heard many girls are unwanted so end up in orphanages. I am pro-life and don't agree with abortion. I don't know much about Tibet but have heard it is a touchy sort of issue. I imagine Taiwan is a separate country but again I don't knpw very much. China looks beautiful in photos I have seen.