Economy and the expanding Family

United States
August 7, 2009 2:39pm CST
The NY Times has an article online about how the economy has caused a drop in the amount of babies being born in the States. Now personally I do not see this as a surprise as we have changed our own plans to expand our family for financial reasons. I was wondering how many others have done the same or haven't? Also for Mylotter's from other nations effected by the economical downfall (haven't we all been hit?) has this decline happened in your own Countries?
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7 Aug 09
Im not sure if it is happening in the UK but having children based on what i can afford has always played a factor in how many children i am going to have. I would like 3 or 4 but being realistic i will only be having 2 because i simply couldnt afford to keep anymore, especially in the current climate.
@maximax8 (30060)
• United Kingdom
8 Aug 09
My sister had two boys and she got pregnant with a girl. She lived in a flat in a suburb of London. She got on much better when he moved to a large house in Somerset. Then she had another girl. She says it is expensive to have four children.