Whats more important - making more money, or working a job you like?

@themdno (402)
United States
August 7, 2009 3:59pm CST
Would you rather work in a place you like, possibly with friends, in an overall enjoyable job for a small paycheck, or would you rather work in a job you can't stand, around people you dislike, but make 2 or 3 times as much? Your job is only a small part of the day, and it's not going to be totally enjoyable anyways. So, would it be better to suck it up, or is that time you spend at work crucial to your happiness outside of work? I make less money doing what I do, but I'm happy. I would rather make less than deal with a horrible job that makes me good money. People tell me I should get over it though, and go make more money. But, I don't think money is THAT important. Happiness is more important to me.
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@ibuemma (2954)
• United States
7 Aug 09
for me has a job that I love to do. And the job I love might not be give me a huge paycheck, but I love it. Money never enough, you got 10 you wish it's 20, you already got 100 you wish it's a thousand. But waking up every morning feeling dreadful to think you have to work that day is really hard. So, job that I love is my choice.