They are saying we are in recession

United States
August 7, 2009 4:35pm CST
My believe is The money is not flowing in the right place. Who is really in recession think about it. Don't you guys think the money is not going to the right places? I would like your thought on this subject.
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• Philippines
8 Aug 09
Most economists will tell you that the recession itself will end sometime in late-2009, and that unemployment will return to normal levels by 2012. Most Republicans, on the other hand, are still betting on the hope that this recession will go on forever until Election Day 2012. There are many estimates. As of now, Obama estimates 2010. (People's estimates are constantly changing.) We are starting to see good signs. Banks like Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo are starting to earn profit again.
• United States
7 Aug 09
I don't think they the government is putting the money in the right places. I did hear on the news here that the recession was over. Don't take my word but I really hope that it is.