Life and my move

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August 7, 2009 5:47pm CST
Well all I have Hopefully 1 more day in my so called home of an apartment.What i mean is even if the house isn't yours you can make it a home.I am excited and depressed at the same time. I will be moving in with my father for the first time in years.Ive been on my own since 17 years old.And now Im going threw a divorce .Maybe it was my fault but i thought your husband says with you for better or worse.I ran in to some money and started on drugs.And now I'm on the bottom no way to go, but up.So Im going to try to get my life back.But it seems so crazy that i have to go home to my father.I guess that's what parents are for. I feel like a failure but this will be like a rehab for me.Sorry this is so personal but I needed to tell some one .
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@natnickeep (2337)
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7 Aug 09
Like you said that is what parents are for. They are still our parents no matter what age we get to. And you shouldn't feel bad or embarrassed about sharing things like this. Like I said before the road to recovery starts with honesty. Tell everyone and anyone and you will have more support in fighting this fight. And like you said once you are so far to the bottom the only way to go is up.
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8 Aug 09
Thanks for the support. How have you been .Hope life has been treating you kind.No were to go but up.