Do your kids have talents? Are they on the right path?

August 8, 2009 1:11am CST
Hi Dearones, Good day to everyone. Have you ever felt that your kids have talents? Some have talent in painting, singing, playing music, in sports and many more. In my country, nowadays only people are aware of the talents in their kids and putting them in them in the right path. Most of us here think that only the studies upto 12th grade will make the child to get into better living or better studies to earn more.. I think only the talent of the person makes him special to acquire something in life. Do you feel your kids have to study according to their talents or to study generally to earn for a living? I have the passion to music and learn music on my own and I teach myself everyday. But got a good job from my studies but not enjoying life... Do you face the same? Will talent work? Or the general studies will have the dominance? Don't you have the intention to develop your kids on their talents to shine in life? Please do share your thoughts... Have a nice day...
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@Capsicum (1444)
• United States
8 Aug 09
My daughter is highly intelligent when it comes to grasping any task at work that may be given to her.As a result makes good money. On the other hand her personal life values ,hopes and dreams are not there. She is very naive, when it comes to people.Sad because ,we did try .But seeing she lives with a man who is our age,and knows nothing except staying one step above the law.She is not the same person she use to be.My daughter can catch onto anything job related tasks but,has poor judgment with people .Nor is she interested in anything but bars,parties ,ect. I would love to see my inquisitive active child back once again . But wonder if she is not scared for life, by his ways she has taken on.It just makes me sick thinking how much she has lost and will keep losing in life for this bum.