How to use my first earnings?

August 8, 2009 4:10am CST
After 15 days,I will receive my first wage,so there is a question ,how to use it?Buy clothes?Eat favorite foods?Buy something for parents?oh,it is difficult, are there someone show mercy to me?Tell me how to do?Give some good plan.
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@Azaerus (820)
• Philippines
8 Aug 09
Hi there and welcome to mylot!! It's normal for a person to be excited about his or her first salary,I know the feeling. But I guess it would be better to not spend it all,I'd say treat your family and save the rest for you who knows you will need money anytime. We all need emergency money so better save some. I know how hard it is to not spend all of it,but with the difficult life we're having now,we all got to think of the next days to come.Learn how to deal with money and budget it. Hope this gives you an idea where to put your first wage.. Have a nice day!!:)