Which breeds of dog have most health problems?

August 8, 2009 5:16am CST
Hi everyone. Following my question about the type of dog that might be suitable for an apartment I was wondering about health issues. What breeds are known to have particulary troublesome health problems. It is just that we are concerned about vet bills. Do cross breeds have more or less health problems. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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• Philippines
9 Aug 09
Hello again pushkins, thats not what i have in mind when i bought my dogs, those health problems. Coz in getting a dog its just like having a baby and you must be ready with that. Your gonna experience some mild health problems, yes. Just be sure that you got a healthy pup what ever dog you choose, with complete vaccines with health card/certificate for assurance, dewormed, and with anti rabies. Your dog's appearance has a lot to do with his maintenance needs. Be prepared to dedicate much of your time to housebreaking and raising your new puppy. I read that you consider getting a maltese, nice breed. thats a dancing dog. very friendly to adults specially to kids. They love listening to bible stories, very intelligent breeds. Tho, u might have issues with hair maintenance coz they are purely white that could easily get stained. Btw if your getting a Maltese choose pure breed not mixed okay, coz ive seen a lot of mixed maltese, doesnt look good to me. In my case, i choose mixed breed dogs coz i found them unique but it depends on wot type of cross breed dogs. i choose them by their appearance and consider their temperaments. Its easier for me to handle cross breeds coz i have lot of experience with them ived done with pedigrees. Let me know if i could be a further help to you, your in my friends list just message me.
10 Aug 09
thanks heeps carloseduardo! We have actually been talking more about gettinga cross breed. The health problems are not the primary thing we are considering when getting our dog, but we just want to know what we are getting ourselves in for! I agree that is important to get all vaccines etc done when buying a pup. We will make sure is froma reputable breeder or rescue home. I know there are so many dodgy breeders out there and is something we are wary of. thanks for the help!