Do you ignore your friend's advise before, now you regret it?

United States
August 8, 2009 11:57am CST
My friend did really give me some great advise before, but I didn't listen, and I didn't really respect that relationship either. Now I just had my flashback, and I deeply regret what I made was such a big mistake. Understandably, my friend forgive me, and support me all the way. That is a real friendship. Does this happen to you before? You felt deeply regret because your friend gave a good advise, but you didn't take it?
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@varunsdo (204)
• India
8 Aug 09
Ya, once in exams. In the last minutes, my friend told me that the answer to a particular question was " FALSE". I didn't listen to him and stick with "TRUE". Later on I had to regret because I lost 1 mark.