exchange funds from your alertpay to paypal

August 8, 2009 11:24pm CST
Dear myloters. I want to build a new website. The site is about e-currency exchanger. Using this site, you can exchange your alertpay funds become paypal funds. I know there are many website on internet offer this service. But, just like another site, most of them are scammer. So, i decided to start my business from little forum like mylot. I just want to show that there are still several honest human try to build a reliable website. NOTE: At this moment, i will ONLY process the exchange from alertpay to paypal. For paypal to alertpay or the other payment processor, it will come the next few days. How to order: 1. Send your funds to my alertpay account ( ) 2. Contact me that you have sent funds to my Alertpay account by PM through mylot or send an email directly to Your message must contain a. Your full name in alertpay account b. Your alertpay account c. Amount you sent d. Your paypal account where i should sent you the money 3. I will process your order at 21.00 GMT everyday 4. Once your order is completed, please write a testimonial in this discussion Just try for 10 cents only TRUST ME, IT WORKS
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