What do we actually learn from movies?

August 9, 2009 2:05am CST
Guys we all watch movies from entertinment , on watchingg movies we actually get rid of the tensions in for fast life comdey films gives us some much relif in our mind.. some makes us cry some make us angry, some make us Thrillerd, some make us inspiried , actually do we learn anything from movies? If so may i know what you guys actually learn from movies... Please comment.. happy mylotting ...
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@versio9 (329)
• Philippines
15 Aug 09
ideology. films are full of symbols and semantics that are below the conscious or apparent layers that are obvious. but your brain gets those hidden messages, even if you can't articulate them. and even if the filmmakers are not conscious of them. films after all are thoughts of writers and directors who have particular perspectives like political beliefs or even personal traumas. and film is the most efficient medium for transmitting these thoughts.
@iwinagain (546)
9 Aug 09
You learn right from wrong. You also learn how humans are and how they react to and cope with different situations. Another thing you learn is what movies you find are entertaining and interesting to you.
@srikandi19 (3393)
• Kuta, Indonesia
9 Aug 09
when watched movie, except feels enjoy and entertain I can learn another language from that movie. and from my local movie, I can learn the plot story. Its very helpful to know new knowledge.
@advokatku (4036)
• Indonesia
9 Aug 09
Actually learn from movie, I think yes. We Actually learn from movies because in a movie indeed any philosophy who you take it. I like movie about mafia wars because I get learn about faithfulness, loyalty in a relationship