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@zedlav23 (458)
August 9, 2009 7:46am CST
Today, i'm starting a new career path. For over three years that i've worked in the call center and many months of contemplating about full time freelance work; i can finally say that i am now officially a home based freelancer. I know that the challenge is really big and the opportunities equally abundant. I will be competing for job from job seekers all over the world. But I'm confident that God has something in store for me. Finally, my blog has come to its fruition. Drey's Weblog:From Call Center to Freelance. Are you a freelancer too? I'd be happy to hear your advice and tips. Are you interested in choosing the same career path as I? I would love to share what I know...
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• Philippines
10 Aug 09
Well that good you choose the path you want. Freelance work is very challenging career you have to be patient and the eagerness to get job was there. But until when you will be a freelancer. I'm too a freelancer that when the opportunity change my career ends up. So I need to find another alternative aside the present freelance job that I have. But if you think you okay on that job try to develope it more....
@Ruby722 (797)
• China
10 Aug 09
Hi zedlave23 Good for you.I am looking forward to a freelancer.It's great i mean you are your own boss(LOL)But unfortunately i don't have the courage i mean quiet my job and start something unfamiliar.To be honestly i am afraid of lose i hate that feeling.So even i am not satisfy for now situation.But i am aftaid of move on..So sad...Sometime i think i can build a on-line shop and sale some girl clothes like that.But i can't make decision. .Any suggestion?Thanks
@mastinet (467)
• India
10 Aug 09
Nice to hear that you had started a new career path. Change is the philosphy of life and getting out for new avenues and ideas is a good thing. Well I am not a freelancer but I know that its a great deal for you. I think you must have enjoyed the call center life as well. The same age group people all around and its all fun and masti all around
@ucue2008 (926)
• Malaysia
10 Aug 09
Wow, that a brave moved for you to choose. I have a friend who also did the same like you and now she setting up a company to do a copywriting. It hard work and very challenging but very rewarding. I know how it feel working at call centre and for me, it wasn't a pleasant memory, but I gained a lot experienced there. As for me working at home sound really tempting, but as I have a good and stable job, so I kind do both. It not easy, but I want to make it work. Good luck to you.
@cher913 (25865)
• Canada
9 Aug 09
what will you be freelanceing in? what is your specialty? i did some freelance writing many years ago, when you used to get $10- for 500 words, now you are lucky if you get $1 or $2 per 500. times have sure changed! i wish you well!