Anybody cheated while during tasks?

August 9, 2009 9:12pm CST
I have been cheated twice. I submitted 2 tasks. The member rejected my task saying he could not identify my username! I can see him as the referrer on my account page though. I did this task twice, but both times he rejected. I think they are trying to take people for a ride! Please share if you have such experiences?
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• India
10 Aug 09
hi dear friend i have done one task before 1 month and i was not yet payed it was not rejected also thats why am wondering what they are doing am waiting to get my payment from that task but they are not giving
• Philippines
11 Aug 09
Really? This is sad to hear and a bit unfair for all those posting tasks since they are not giving you anything in return for performing the task they have requested. Hearing about this stuff discourages me even more to perform tasks :|
• India
11 Aug 09
I dont want to sound discouraging, but I have not been paid for the tasks I completed. They simply are reviewing for so long. And the guy who reviewed one task says he is unable to see my name! Actually I am able to see my name as his referree, tell me, how he is unable to see it? They are out to fraud people. Please tread carefully while doing tasks. Especially newcomers.