What nutrition does the sweet potato have?

Hong Kong
November 13, 2006 9:14am CST
What nutrition does the sweet potato have?
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• China
15 Dec 06
In sweet potato many kinds of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acidunion, is helpful to prevented in the blood the cholesterol formation,prevents the heart blood vessel of brain disease the occurrence. Inthe sweet potato starch and the cellulose, in the intestines internalenergy adsorption massive moisture contents, the increase excrementvolume, the prevention constipation, reduce the cancer of theintestines the occurrence. The sweet potato is alkalinity food, canhit excessively many acidic matter which and acidic food produces,prevents the blood, the body fluid acidification. The sweet potatoalso can reduce the hypodermic fat, avoids occurrence which obese andthe prevention collagen gets sick. The sweet potato nutritional valuefar must lower a lot compared to the sweet potato; In the purpleeggplant vitamin content is blue eggplant two times, the green oniongreen partial contains plants the vitamin to have white partial to behigher than the onion 4 to 10 times.
• Vietnam
13 Nov 06
I don't know if the sweet potato that you mentioned is similar to the one in my country. Sweet potato contains carbohydrate, cellulose, glucose (a few). We normally eats as breakfast, and if you use everyday, it will treat your constipation