passenger in airplane what you feel

@jen14ed (866)
August 10, 2009 2:15am CST
when you are traveling and ride to airplane do you nervous what your felling when you ride in airplane i never experiences to ride in airplane are you feel excitement or are you feel nervous that something happen to airplane?
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• Canada
13 Aug 09
I've been travelling in airplanes since I was really young, so really they aren't a big deal to me. It's just another form of transporation. I think that some other forms of transportation are more dangerous than flying in airplanes. Sometimes I get a bit nervous, when you hear funny sounds from the engine and what not haha. But to me jumping on a plane for 2 hours (which I do often) is natural to me.
• Canada
13 Aug 09
Wow I didn't even realize I already replied to this. My mistake :S
• Boston, Massachusetts
25 Aug 09
hi jen14ed! it's always an exciting experience to me...traveling and riding a plane. i always request for the window side seat to enjoy the view and the clouds. i always imagine myself holding the clouds and enjoying its texture. clouds just amuses me! in every plane trip that i take, i always look forward for its landing. i know if the pilot is really good by the way he manuevers the landing! have with life...enjoy your journey!!!
@sandymay16 (1617)
• Philippines
18 Aug 09
The last time I was in a plane was in March and two planes in a day, a transfer from one airport to another. Last MArch's weather was okay, no turbulence even just a bit. And there was really nice cloud formations that I took some photos. But I also experienced turbulence up there and we circled the airport for 15 more minutes before the visibility was okay. It was kind of frightening when you can't see what's outside but darkness. Then I also experienced putting seatbelts on for the whole hour flight.
@maximax8 (30066)
• United Kingdom
16 Aug 09
I feel excitement when I fly out to a destination. I always like to get a window seat and then I can enjoy taking off. I can see the landscape below before the plane goes into the puffy white clouds. I have to wear ear planes to stop my ears hurting when the plane descends before landing. I hope for the best but I do worry in case the airline is going to crash. So far I have stayed safe on all the flights I have been on. When I fly home I look forward to developing my travel photos, seeing my family and friends. I like to fly because travel is my top hobby.
• Canada
11 Aug 09
i don't really think too much of it when i'm on a plane. i don't really get that nervous, i just tend not to think of it. other forms of transportation are just as dangerous in my opinion.. especially driving down an interstate with 5000 other cars.